Plenty of Finch – Premium Posts

Finch. One word that should send shivers down your nether regions. If you don’t know Finch, he is an affiliate marketer that writes one of the best blogs in the online marketing space. I don’t know if this is a natural ability granted to all British people, but Finch’s writing is though-out and top-notch. Words of wisdom from start to finish.

Now Finch is on a quest to shamelessly whore out his excellent literature for pennies on the dollar. Introducing, Premium Posts from Finch Sells.

Finch sent me his Premium Posts eBook just because he loves me. I’m not getting a cent. I’m posting this because I like his squeezable cheeks.

Anyway, the book is full of great information. Take Finch’s best posts, multiply it by 10x, then put it in a PDF. That’s my review. Suck on it. By this shit if you mess with PlentyofFish advertising or dating.

Waaahhh I have to spend money?
You can cry and bitch all you want about paying for content, but this is the way the world’s going. At least, it is in internet marketing.

Giving away good information for free ruins the effectiveness and usually pisses people off. When you put a price tag on something, the perceived value is actually value, because you spent real $ on it. That’s why I like this clever move by

It’s also why you’re seeing a rise in paid communities like,, and Forums.

Free, open communities are just not sustainable anymore. There are just too many handout-seeking, basement-dwelling, Digital-Point-failing beggars in the world today. If you believe in your product, and it’s better than anyone elses, put a price tag on that shit to keep the retards out.

  • Nice article. Interesting to read about Finch and his blogs.

  • We know this guy knows his shit in the dating niche. So for a couple of bucks, why not buy his POF guide?

    Thanks for the recommendation