Plenty of Finch – Premium Posts Volume X Review

The infamous Finch sent me over a copy of his latest release, Premium Posts Volume X. What follows is the review. I’m not even going to drop in affiliate links. That’s how I roll…

At first I thought it was the 10th Edition, although there is no 8th or 9th release that I am aware of. But I was mistaken. The X is for X-rated content. Oooo, saucy! Finch should have titled this Premium Post Volume XXX for a more accurate title.

Here’s a brief rundown on the content of the book –

Launching a Successful Campaign

The first part of this book ( and it is a book at 140 some pages ) explains the patented FinchSells™ Affiliate Campaign setup process. His method starts out by focusing on the traffic first. Not the offer! If you don’t have traffic, then you pretty much have diddly-squat. Once you know who makes up the traffic source, you begin to brainstorm what niches would work on this traffic source.

Don’t try adapting a traffic source to a niche that isn’t a natural fit (or worse, an allowed one).

The most important part of the next step is finding the best two or three offers for your niche. Most affiliates jump from offer to offer, thus jumping from traffic source to traffic source. It’s the ‘shiny-object syndrome’ all over again.

Finch drops a number of tips on how he determines what the best offers actually are. So stop throwing shit up at the wall and take a moment to hunt down what’s working. Then there are some key insights into finding which merchant landers are the best, why you should promote exclusives, and starting your own Affiliate Wolfpack, and much more.

The meat of this technique is in coming up with the angle. It’s how you sell the affiliate offer and what separates you from every other affiliate out there. Everything else being equal – the angle is where you have the most opportunity to set yourself apart from everyone else in your niche.

And finally…

Have a wank while you’re at it. You only live once.

YOLO indeed, Finch. YOLO indeed.

The Rest of Premium Posts Volume X

I don’t want to give away the farm here. Finch has to feed his ultra-fast, puke-where-he-feels-like bachelor lifestyle, and he does it by selling his books. So if you want all the juicy secrets, go buy it.

So I’ll summarize the rest of the chapters in the book while leaving out the best details –

  • How to Master Direct Buys for Mega Low CPCs – This chapter is fucking tits. Finch drops some knowledge I was not even aware of. This chapter is worth the price of admission.
  • Hugely Profitable Adult Niches and How to Work Them – How to profit from all that kinky shit you sick fucks are into. Oh, you know who you are! There is a surprising amount of fetish porn out there, and Finch gives you the details on each (he’s like a perverted sage)
  • How to Improve Lead Quality and Profit for the Long Haul – Absolutely essential for the dating space. Lead quality is king. If your leads are shit, then you’re getting booted off the offer and there goes all your work. It’s a marathon, not a sprint! There are a bunch of great lessons here about age, free claims, and much more. You see a lot of affiliates taking the opposite approach from these tips and killing their lead quality.

    Finch even asks some brothel owners for tips on what the older clientele are asking for. IS YOUR FAVORITE CELEBERITY BLOGGER IN THE TRENCHES LIKE FINCH? No. I don’t think so.

  • August 2013 in the Affiliasphere – News you can use- EWA goes bust and the impending class-action lawsuit. PlentyOfFish cleans up its filthy act. And Finch thinks The Office was filmed in Philadelphia – it’s Scranton- duh!
  • Rules Psychology: How to Make it Pay in Every Niche – Dissecting the infamous “Rules” lander. IF there was ever a college course on Affiliate Marketing, I think Professor Finch would have tenure.
  • And more!

Volume X is definitely some of the best reading you’ll about affiliate marketing. Highly recommended – Finch knows his shit inside and out!

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