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Edit: Fixed the Ubot link. It should link to the $1 trial that is not available to the public anymore. Use Promo Code ppcbz199

“Sell Out Monday” continues…

So the guys are Ubot asked me to make a post about their $1 Trial. I was hesitant since I am lazy but then they offered to write the post for me, in “my voice.” I assumed they meant the “ppc.bz voice” but they actually gone and wrote it in first person.

The post below was written by Jason on the Ubot team. He prefaces the post with … “I wasn’t sure how to get in the mindset to write as you so I went out and killed a homeless man with a hammer, and then drank a few fingers of whiskey. I think that worked.

Did it work? I leave my commentary below… (everything below is the actual post they wrote for me with my commentary added in)

Build Your Own Marketing Bots For $1? What the Hell is Wrong With These People?

A few years ago UBot came on the scene and I got a review copy. This was so far back that no one really knew what it was. So I put up a review where I said I didn’t know what the fuck it was either, but then I tried it and it was legitimately the best tool ever created, because it made other tools. And I said you were an idiot if you didn’t buy it.

It’s true. When I wrote the original Ubot post back in the day I barely knew what it did. It’s also correct that I might have called you an idiot.

“Well that’s easy for you to say barman,” some people commented, “because your copy was free.” Well, if you were as amazing as I was maybe they’d give you a free copy too, first of all. Second, don’t even bother trying to be as amazing as me, because now your copy is basically free also. The guys over at UBot just opened a limited trial that lasts for 14 days and only costs $1. And if you are smart enough to read this text then you are smart enough to use that 14 days to build a bot that will make you at least enough money to buy the damn thing.

Now you, for the price of a double cheeseburger off the McDonald’s Dollar Menu, can script up personalized tools with Ubot

What’s New In UBot 4

I’m not a programmer, besides the basics needed to keep this website and a few other things looking amazing. So UBot seemed perfect to me 0 build your own software and customize your marketing instead of paying a million dollars for SENuke. It has an easy interface, lots of instructions, its built by marketers for marketers, yada yada. So yeah, if you didn’t try it out, that would be pretty stupid.

Sadly, after the past few months, you might actually consider me a decent programmer now

Now there’s a new version – 4.0 – that does everything the old UBot did plus about a dozen other newfangled things. It was already designed for idiots, but now it’s somehow even easier to use, so I guess that means even stupider people can use it. It’s still not going to do anything out of the box, ie, you have to come up with your own damn ideas (or use mine), but it will do more shit for you automatically – like filling in forms without you having to think too hard, with something the UBot people call “Artificial Intelligence.” Yeah, it’s not going to make breakfast for you, but after playing around with it some, it’s definitely easier to use and smarter than it was before.

Jason is correct in that I would call you stupid and even stupider

There’s also some stuff in the “professional” version that seems pretty wicked – Image Recognition lets you control Flash websites, and there’s now a “code view” that shows you your code in text form. Even if you’re not a programmer this is pretty nice, because the code is obvious shit like “navigate(http://www.ppc.bz)” for the most part. Oh, and this version has multithreading, too, for those of you that need that sort of thing.

I can’t afford $1

Yes you can, shut up, you cheap piece of shit. There’s no reason not to try this while they have the trial open. This single piece of software can replace a dozen other programs and if you spend a few hours a day for the next two weeks using it, you’ll understand why. And you’ll probably hate your stupid self for not buying it sooner. $1 is less than it costs to buy a pack of gum. It’s less than a cup of coffee. Trying UBot now costs less than the handjob you got from that toothless crack whore, and it will probably only make you feel half as dirty, you sick fuck.

The above paragraph might as well have been written by me. I think that whiskey helped, Jason

What should I do with it?

You should do whatever the fuck you’re already doing, because this thing can basically automate whatever that is. If you are using a tool that you wish was customized for your weird fetishes or one that you wish worked better, then you can improve that by building your own script to do the same damn thing. If you aren’t already doing something or using anything and really don’t have any idea what to do with this sweet $1 deal, then maybe you should buy a fucking clue instead. This software is still amazing and getting better, so just cough up the buck and try it before the trial closes.

And before I forget, the coupon I’ve got still works – ppcbz199 – so put it in when you sign up.


Now for the sake of disclosure, I don’t really use Ubot that much anymore. I will use it occasionally for random scripts but that’s rare. I’ve actually learned to program, and over the course of whenever I wrote the original post, I’ve gotten away from the hell that is SEO.

That said, it’s still a great tool, especially for those who don’t really know how to code. As long as you have some imagination, you can use Ubot to automate a lot of tasks for your daily life.

Need to spam 30 links to various French websites that SENuke doesn’t even know exist? Why yes, you can custom-code that. I actually did this back in the day. I should probably throw the source up on Ubot’s forum somewhere now that I think about it…

Thanks to the Ubot team for writing this post! If they left it up to me I doubt it would have ever been written.

  • Been meaning to try Ubot for some time and thought cool a $1 trial would be bad ass. However when you got o the Ubot site the only option is to buy for the $199 even using the ppcbz199 code. Is there a different page that you guys didnt link to?

  • Lord B

    Since is still get emails and messages about UBot quite a bit, I need to add a disclosure here that I am no longer associated with UBot. They fucked me over a year ago… so stop sending me emails asking randoms hit about those wankers.

  • Wow, Ubot seems pretty much efficient, looking forward to have one. I’m tired of Manual stuff.

    ~Aansy Stone

  • Joe

    The $1 trial isn’t working for me either, I’m just getting the standard discounting.

  • Not working for me am i late ?

  • Can someone explain what this ubot thing will do that I can’t already automate with iMacros?

  • UBot is the ultimate in quickly automating stuff. There’s a bit of a learning curve in the beginning. However, once you get going with it, it can be applied to do almost anything. I eventually build a faster solution to most UBot scripts that I use, but that takes much longer. With UBot I can get stuff running (on a new traffic source) within a day. There are people who will write scripts for you as well. Super awesome tool. Vouch.


  • Does the $1 offer still work? I am thinking about trying it out. Looks like from the comments above it might not work anymore.