Ubot – The Ability to Automate for Idiots

Edit: See this post to get Ubot for $199

buy ubotA few weeks ago I was linked to a website for this program called Ubot. I looked at the page and did not understand what this shit did. Then there was a thread on Wickedfire, and the testimonials were gassing this product up. I bookmarked the page so I could check it out later, as my curiosity was piqued.

But today I got myself a review copy plz of Ubot. I don’t know why people give me free shit, but I guess it’s because I run a popular blog. I spent today just doing the Keyword Research tutorial to get the hang of it, and the following post is my review of Ubot.

Anyways, my background when it comes to programming is that I cannot, in fact, program. I can hack shit together but it takes me all day. I understand PHP and HTML but once you get into OOP and Classes and all that shit i get lost. If you put me on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d be about a 4. (Yet a 10 in the looks department)

What the Fuck is Ubot?

First things first. Out of the box, Ubot doesn’t do anything. If you are expecting some digital ATM machine then you are wrong (and you should hit yourself for ever falling for that guru buzzword).

Ubot is basically a tool to make tools.

“I’m an idiot barman. What does that mean?”

Shut up and listen. Imagine you have some tool to bookmark your latest blog post at some social bookmarking websites. You have this tool because it’s easier to automate the process then doing it site-by-site. Or your can hire your Indian brothers to do it for you. Either way, these kinds of tools or services already exist, and some examples would be Autopligg and SENuke, or the BST Section of Wickedfire.

And now Ubot comes along, which is basically a program that will let you build anything as long as it interacts with a website. So now you have the ability to create a programs that already exist but cost hundreds of dollars.

You can spend a day building a script that will save you an hour a day. Then you can spend a day next week building another script that saves you another hour a day. Eventually, you will have so many scripts that the only thing left to do is push F5 to refresh your stats (ironically, you can build a script to do that too)

The Learning Curve

There is a learning curve with Ubot, no doubt about it. But this is one of the best thing about it – retards need not apply. If you are some beggar always looking for the easy solution, it’s time for your to GTFO.

When you build a script with Ubot, you are basically creating something step-by-step: Open website. Select field. Enter data in field. Push enter. Process next page. Do this if that, do other if something else. Scrape, Export, etc.

This isn’t any different from programming something with PHP and CURL, but it makes the process a whole lot easier if you are a shitty programmer like me. You need a basic grasp of HTML and how websites work to make Ubot worthwhile.

Another part of the learning curve is you actually need something to automate. If you don’t have a fucking clue on how to build links with social bookmarking, submit ads to Facebook, spam gay black male dating sites, whatever the fuck makes you money, then you can’t really automate nothing, right?

Ubot is a Quality Tool for Innovators

If you come up with ideas all of the time (like I do when I’m baked on some fine chronic) but can’t program them for shit, then Ubot will probably change your life. Obviously, you can outsource anything, but finding reliable outsourcing is a pain in the balls, and racks up the expenses. ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT?

And if you’re paranoid about your outsourcers stealing your script or selling it elsewhere, you need not worry any more.

The limitations of Ubot are in your head. If you have any imagination whatsoever, there is a 99% chance you can build a tool no one else has with Ubot.

Ubot Ideas

The main problem I originally had with Ubot was “What the fuck does it do?” There is only one tutorial, but if you get through it the skills you pick up are all you really need to know (Adwords Keyword Scraper). Once you have the hang of it, then you can build a shit-ton of scripts.

The problem with buying software that already exists is that you cannot customize it. Maybe you wanted just one feature that wasn’t in the software you bought. Aside from bitching at the creator, you have to wait for the updates you want to be released (if they ever are). With Ubot, you can add and remove whatever you want, whenever you want.

But like I said there are a lack of scripts on the site. So here are some ideas that you can build with Ubot right now.

  • Stat Checker – Build a script to log into all of your affiliate accounts and export a CSV file for you to check out. No more F5’ing
  • SERP Rank Checker – Obviously a ton of these exist, but it’s just some more shit you could build.
  • Web 2.0 Creation – Build a script to post content to a bunch of Web 2.0 properties when you damn well please. Use said Web 2.0 properties to link back to your own domain. SENuke does something like this, but wouldn’t it be better if you a)paid for one license of Ubot that lasts for 3 years instead of only 2 months of SENuke and b) were not limited by the websites within SENuke (where with Ubot you could add and remove web properties as you please)
  • Ad Submitter – Build something to submit your ads automatically to your self-serve PPC engine of choice.
  • Targeted Spamming – Obviously not going to go into too much detail here, but imagine the Myspace friend adders from the days of yore. Lets say you found a site, were able to build a huge list of connections automatically, then pushed your wares on them whenever you wanted.
  • Ad Scraper – Once again, these tools exist. But you could create a customized scraper for only the data you want.

You can pretty much take ideas from any script or software you have ever used, and customize it for your own needs.

Compiling Scripts = Gay

The only thing I do not like is the ability for Ubot to compile your script into a stand-alone executable. I guess they added this if you wanted to sell your own software that did something. This is the only benefit I see.

Otherwise, this feature will ruin a lot of peoples days. You know some asshole is going to come up with, and freely release, a script that someone else has been banking with for months. You know, those assholes that don’t know how to make money online but sure as hell like ruining it for everybody else.

For example, you’re spamming some social website. Then some asshole comes along with the same spammer and releases it to Wickedfire. Now a couple hundred idiots are doing the same exact thing and your technique is squashed. Kapoot. Outed. Done. Dead.

There is always some asshole out there to ruin it for everybody else. I guarantee it will happen multiple times if this feature isn’t squashed (or at least limited to sharing EXE’s with other Ubot users.)

The Final Verdict on Ubot

buy ubotThis is legitimately the best tool ever released. If you are an fast, experienced programmer then you are probably pissed. If you are someone limited by programming ability, then your life will change.

You can take Ubot and build anything your little heart desires. If you use a tool that you always thought you could make better, now you can. You can buy one license of Ubot for $245 and in the long run it will be cheaper than paying for other peoples’ tools (especially if they are monthly subscriptions.)

I’ve only scratched the surface. I haven’t gotten high yet so I haven’t come up with any brilliant ideas to use Ubot for.

If you do not buy Ubot now you are a stupid, cheap piece of shit.

That is all. Expect some more Ubot posts in the future. Some tutorials and examples, maybe, to help you understand the program as I learn it.

  • Excellent review, sounds incredible. My mind is already reeling at the possibilities, and I’m not even particularly… inspired at the moment.

    My only argument is with “10 in the looks department”- you’re built like a Russian gladiator, and should be judged on a scale of intimidation ranging from “feed by hand” to “pacify with virgin sacrifice.”

  • ^ I have no clue what TFXBoone is talking about, but I agree with the “excellent review” part!

    For every uBot purchased, 10 Indian Programmers from DP go broke…think about that before you buy!

    Seriously though, it sounds interesting.

  • Hannah

    Awesome. I spent 4 hours writing an IP and referrer grabbing script I’m so fucking useless at programming. This sounds awesome.

    And on the bright side when some douche at BHW inevitably cracks it, everyone that downloads it will be too stupid to use it.

  • Lord Brar

    Thanks for giving UBot the “Barman’s Stamp of Approval”. :) One day we hope to add the ability to compile customized sex-bots. But till that happens, UBot can make you enough skrilla to get a real hottie in bed.

    Yes guys, the rumors are true — UBot will take your hustle to the next level (and improve your life). Grab a copy. ;)

  • i heard ubot gives you a bigger penis.

  • emp

    Yes, yes it does.


  • Lord Brar

    Hah! Not sure but it will make you enough money to be able to finally afford all the pills they spam you about on your inbox. ;)

  • Lord Brar

  • Bar = Leak

    You heard it here first….


  • newjersey

    as a consultant who has to keep setting up the same f’ing web-based system every week for another pain in the ass client, this will prove useful.

    i can still bill my client for hours and hours of work while i sit around and watch home shopping network

  • Ubot = bigger penis fo sho

  • pat

    can som1 crack this plz. need it for the makes of monies online.

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  • I remember when this was in alpha, twas shit lol. But now that its published, it looks fucking mean.

  • racist!!!!^^^^^

  • I’m having significant issues with it, every 2 days it wants to perform a update which crashes my system, the only way to update it is via uninstall+download+re-install. When it works it’s powerful , when it doesn’t it’s very upsetting.

  • I agree Brandon – but the ubotDev has been very fast in fixing errors once he has been made aware of them.

    It definitely still has some kinks to work out for sure, but still a great app.

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  • This is a great product. You can view their tutorials from their website before you ever purchase the product. It will tell you exactally how everything works. Then you get the free membership to the forum. A really great tool and very helpful.

    If you sitting on the fence. Try it for 30 days and if you don’t like it return it.

    P.S. There are some free bot makers but there is no support and they are a realy pain. One is lumnior studio.

  • do you know if there are any free apps designed with ubot? because i’ve found some bloggers offering some, but they were useless.. most of them weren’t working

  • This is like 90% of the “must have” apps on the market, the actually do nothing but take cash from your pocket. Thanks for the warning.:)

  • Ive actually had UBot for over a year now and it has come a long way since then and is actually a VERY useful tool for noob programmers or people with basic knowledge. And yes all the “real” programmers I know hate on Ubot and think its garbage but for easier tasks and even lighter scripts/tools needed Ubot is MUCH easier, cheaper, and faster than doing it in c, c#, vb, php yada yada. I highly recommend Ubot myself as well to anyone looking to build their own tools. It really is quite powerful all things considered.