WhatRunsWhere Gets a Mobile Ad Spy

Few months ago I did a write-up of WhatRunsWhere, a media buy “spy” tool for advertisers and affiliates. They added a bunch of new features at the time which improved on the already good service.

Well today, we learn – via techcrunch – that WhatRunsWhere gets itself a mobile ad spy tool. With the huge growth of mobile advertising, it’s great that WhatRunsWhere is staying ahead of the curve. As far as I know, there are no other mobile ad spying tools available (There were a few private self-hosted ones floating around). I had an account on MobAdSpy – great data, Rob is a good developer, but a mediocre UI. From what Max tells me, they’re going to integrate it all together. Everyone wins!

WhatRunsWhere still lets you try it for a $1. If you’re looking for media buying ideas for your own or affiliate offers, I can’t recommend WhatRunsWhere enough. And now that they have a mobile database, you can dominate on desktop and smartphones. AWww jeah.

They grow up so fast ::sniff::

It’s nice to see the Wickedfire (dysfunctional) family getting all “start-upy” on us with Techcrunch mentions. LeanMarket got itself a piece last month. How long before SerpIQ gets its buyout by Compete or Quantcast? I met the Knowem creator (although breifly – your business card has been floating around my desk forever – how’s that for a late follow-up?) at the Dirt Nasty party. I’m positive there are some I’m forgetting.

Hell, I think it might be time to do some stories on the people moving out of the affiliate marketing game and creating long-term businesses. If you or someone you know created a real business but got your start on WickedFire, holler in the comments or with an e-mail. Might as well start collecting names now and see if we can do some real journalism on ppc.bz.

  • This is one of the quickest follow-ups from any person I met at an affiliate summit party ever.

    • Awww yeah we setting records.

  • Also, it wasn’t at Ad Tech – it was Affiliate Summit Vegas 10 I think…

    • Well I was drunk and probably high so the details are fuzzy. Glad you are still a fan then

      • Always have been and will be. Next time you’re in NYC let me know and a drinks on me.

        I was a bit tipsy at the party – actually if you search around some nice loud mouth blogger blogged about it. Good times.

  • I opened a gym with my aff monies!

  • fail.

  • “…to do some stories on the people moving out of the affiliate marketing game and creating long-term businesses”

    pretty sure most ppl have blown it on bottles, hookers, and coke by now.

  • I think it was pretty good move from WRW guys. I find mobileadspy interface pretty clumsy.

    I hope they will add some improvement soon.

    Lewey Lu