How to Squeeze Money With Prosper202

When you’re paying for clicks, you really want the most bang for your buck. That way, you know which traffic source, which ad copy, which landing page, which whatever is converting or not.

To be honest, you don’t really need Prosper202 if you have your own solution. If you already took the time to write up your own tracking software, then you probably don’t need to read this post anyway.

Fuck it I don’t think anyone needs to read this post because it’s pretty much common sense.

Step 1 – Setup Tracking Campaigns P202 keeps track of your referrers, which is good for shit like Google Content Network. This data applies whether you’re direct linking or doing landing pages. For this example, we’re direct linking. So, set-up your network, traffic source, offers, and get the link code.

Step 2 – Setup Traffic Campaigns Run a campaign on Google Content Network for one week. Set your budget high, make sure your keywords are targeted and well grouped. Bid whatever you feel is right (Let’s say 30 cents). Let that shit run for a week so you collect the data you need. Don’t be a pussy when 2 days later you’re losing half of your money. Just let it run.

Step 3 – Gather Data After a week, you should have some significant clicks, and you should have a pretty accurate CPC (Cost Per Click: What you’re paying Google) and EPC (Earnings Per Click. Now I remember. )

Prosper202 lets you see your conversions by the hour. The reason you run it for a week is because time data is important too. For example, let’s say your offer really only converts when kids are home from school, like that New Hannah Montana Ringtone.

Be careful not to day-part (Setting up your ad campaigns to run at only certain times) too quickly. If you don’t have a couple thousand clicks to the offer in the first week, it’s probably not a good time to start day-parting, because you don’t have enough data and at this point you could be hurting yourself more than helping yourself. But as the days and weeks go by, you can really solidify this data and then begin to start trimming the clicks at certain times.

Step 4 – Trim that Shit! Let’s say for this example… your CPC is $.22, and your EPC is $.19. You’re losing about 3 cents on every visitor. Log into your Prosper202 account, go to Analyze > Referrers. Now you can see which sites sending you traffic, which ones are converting and which ones do not.

For example, you received 1,000 clicks from some website that only got you 2 leads. $220 spent to earn $20 is a clear loser. Knowing that, you log into Adwords and negative match that fucker’s URL.

You have lost 2 conversions in the next week, but you saved $220.

The idea here is to keep doing this week after week. After 1-2 weeks you will be able to trim websites from displaying your Ads that don’t convert. After a couple more weeks, you should be able to stop showing ads at certain times of day, or days of the week entirely. (If necessary of course)

Eventually you’ll have a profitable campaign. There’s a whole lot of other shit to split test, including the actual offer. This can be done within Adwords and Prosper202, and it’s one thing you should always be testing to. This is what fuckers mean when they say “You have to find the right traffic to the right offer.” This is one way how to actually find that out.

  • anon

    I just spent 400 hrs on my own tracking system. It tracks the rotation of the earth& factors in sales when the vernal equinox hits. I was going to install prosper 202 but this post changed my mind.


  • ZeroOne

    A+++++++++++++++++++ WOULD READ AGAIN

  • alexa7

    did read again

  • You made me wet.

  • This is a scam or what?

  • suzie

    Prosper202 is down many times! This should really be a joke..or you never used it!
    I used it and lost some real bucks when it goes down. Looking for some real Tracking software..

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