Split Testing with Visual Website Optimizer

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Split testing is one of the most important things in the CPA game, but its something that many affiliates do incorrectly or just ignore (choosing instead to take the lazy route and copy without improving on something). Split testing to be honest, is a pain to do sometimes, creating the versions and loading them up again and again, but not anymore. Recently, I stumbled across VisualWebsiteOptimizer (VWO). This is the sexiest piece of tech I’ve seen in a while. But lets take a step back first.

For the noobs, split testing (A/B testing) is simply comparing two different versions of a page together with a element changed on one and seeing which does better (and obviously continuing to use this). VisualWebsiteOptimizer makes this simple. Before (when I was a young warthog), you’d load up multiple pages with a rotator script and track which did best then rinse and repeat. With VWO, you simply just put some code onto your page, and set up multiple tests in a what you see is what you get editor. You then add in a goal (like actions or clicks if your trying to improve ctr). Here’s a fast video they made that outlines how easy it is.

The best thing for me about this tool is the auto optimization. In their interface I can set thresholds for my test in terms of stats. When those are hit, it’ll turn off tests that are loosing badly automatically, saving me time and money.

Pricing wise, it starts with a free trial (def worth using even if your not gonna buy), then starts at $49 a month, which isn’t bad for a tool that’s turned into something I use almost daily on my campaigns. That being said, the view packages are a bit low, so this is a tool that you would NOT normally use on ppv or other “crap” traffic as you’d end up just throwing away your budget on pop unders.

There are a ton of other features like heatmaps, visitor segmentation, and the ability to have client logins. Get the free trial of this tool, once you try it you’ll be hooked and it may just revolutionize the way you look at testing.

The customer list includes some huge companies: Microsoft, Rackspace, RetailMeNot, Groupon, Aweber, SitePoint, and many others.

Get you some VisualWebsiteOptimizer here.

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    you can also use genetify…open source FTW.

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  • Yes! Use VisualWebsiteOptimizer, stop giving google your data and using their rubbish split testing app.

  • Wow, you guys are harsh. At least he disclosed UP FRONT that he was including affiliate links.

    My take: VWO is an incredible tool. I’m a paying customer and have totally switched away from Google’s (good but complicated) tool.

    Here’s a tutorial on split testing for anyone who needs some good info: