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Affiliate and Online Marketing News You Can Use – May 2012

May I haz a post about all the interesting stuff that’s happened online plz?

No offense (OK, maybe some offense) but affiliate blogs keep getting shittier and shittier. People worth reading like Mr. Green and the like are posting less or stopping all together. The blogs that I’m left with keep posting about SEO and Pandas and other shit I don’t really care about. Affiliate marketing is dead and I’m pretty sure Andrew Wee killed it.

You can’t blame the people writing the blogs though. The industry is changing – probably for the better. The “too big too fail” affiliate networks have done just that – Epic / Azoogle is not paying people anymore, Copeac has shut its doors after getting bitch slapped by the FTC, and the last remaining “big network” Neverblue is rumored to be in trouble.

Everyone (who knows whats good for them … even 14 year olds are getting the picture) is changing their business model around to something more long-term. Something they can sell off in the future. A startup. A service. Whatever. Sure, it’s more work, but at least your entire business won’t be wiped out overnight when your favorite offer / network / traffic source gimmick goes down.

Anyway, this is going to be the last “wrap up” post that gets this big or in-depth. They just take way too long and I get the funny feeling no one is actually reading this shit. In the future, posts will be shorter but more frequent, and have a lot less to do with affiliate marketing.

You’re better off following me on twitter, and checking out my favorites because that’s where I store these goodies before curating them into posts like these. Although I do clear them out every time I write a post so what’s there right now might not be too useful.

Let’s continue.

Facebook News

Of course, the biggest news is that Facebook finally launched their IPO. Since then, the original stock price of $38 has been dropping and dropping as each day passes (although it’s seem to have stabilized now.) This may bode very well for advertisers, as Facebook might have to open the revenue floodgates.

Since Facebook hasn’t figured out how to monetize their mobile users yet, perhaps they will get more lax with what they allow on their advertising platform (will we ever see muffin tops again?) I mean, they are trying to monetize mobile users, but it’s not really bad ass. You can’t even separate out Android and iOS from each other, or traffic from Blackberry or feature phones. STUPID. (Unless I’m stupid and can’t find the setting)

They’ve gotten very strict over the years, but now the pressure from shareholders to boost revenue and profit might turn that all around. Word on the street is that some accounts are getting unbanned and spending limits are being bumped for no reason. Also, it appears that Facebook is plotting some sort of retargetting exchange.

Oh Mark, it is very enjoyable watching your high-and-mighty approach to monetization slip through your hands like grains of sand.

Affiliate and Other Online Marketing Stuff

You are now allowed to apply for your own domain extension. So if you wanted to apply for a .barman, you could send ICANN about 5-6 figures (I forget the exact amount) and they will decide if you get said extension. I don’t know what this means for the internet but certain companies and people are going balls to the wall with this. Google applies for 101 new TLDs, and Frank Shilling applies for over 50.

I feel like this will cause nothing but confusion for the feeble-minded users of the internet, but if Frank’s spending $60 Million then these new TLD’s must have some value.


How to find problems with your Quality in a Google AdWords account. This is a very indepth video I’ve watched twice and still have no idea what’s going on. Why do I suck with pivot tables so much!!!

Google has made it possible to see the exact URLs of people you are competing against. In more G news, AdWords has made it possible to target mobile apps directly. So what’s going to happen to Admob?

165 Tips and Tricks from PPCHero. Also good is PPCHero’s best hits of Q1 2012. And then, how to get more ad traffic “easily” on Bing. More on Bing – using quality score to optimize campaigns.

Finch writes about Four processes that make money for affiliates. Also good is this article about Finding a Good, Unique Marketing Angle – or how to come up with unique ways to pitch your wares. If your enjoy reading Finch’s posts, then you will definitely enjoy Finch’s Premium Posts.

Socialmouths shows you how to curate and distribute content from your smartphone. A Facebook for WordPress plugin has been released.

More from Socialmouths on Pinterest, which is now a massive sales-driving juggernaut. Here’s a deeper look at the elusive Pinterest user.

Why has social media become so popular? Because we get hiiiiiiiiigh….. :: refreshes Twitter mentions :: But seriously. We create a lot of data every minute.

How to increase your blog visibility with social sharing. I do none of these.

DirectResponse has some good information on how to run a skin care offer that pleases the Federal Trade Commission.

Unbounce gives you four ways to stop your landing page from becoming a giant fail. The usual suspects – no blocks of text, strong headline, testimonials, and call to action. What 99% of online marketers do wrong. Emotion sells… not lists of neat shit.

KissMetrics looks at some cool Google tools for marketers. You probably know about most of these, but there are some decent tips and tricks here and there. More from Kiss – using “gamificiation” for better results. Can be applied to almost anything.

Do you send direct psychical mail? Here are some cheap split tests you can do.

Unbounce explains how to run a clean A/B split test in meme form.

Can’t get people to believe your shitty sales copy? ConversionXL has an article for that – How to get People to Believe What You Write. Unrelated but also good – 8 universal design principles you need to know.

Dealing with local search? Here are the updated ranking factors for local search search in the great year of 2012.

11 Ways to Drive Lots of Traffic to your Website. Unlike most generic posts regarding “ways to get traffic,” this one is actually backed up with stats.

Bing is offering a free link graph. Not a lot of Google hate from SEOBook this month, unfortunately.

Most video content being consumed now is of the long-form variety, thanks to the growth of tablets.

A whole lot of mothafuckin’ CSS buttons. Here are 43 more CSS3 buttons. Or maybe you want 350 pixel perfect icons?

Stats about e-commerce performance. This is neat – learn to code by watching other people do it.

Apps and APIs to Check out

A new section for SaaS / APIs / Whatever that can make your life easier.

Google updates its API Explorer. So many possibilities.

Check out smore.com (some more of what?!) for making online flyers.

Want open-source mobile analytics? Shit son, then you probably want to check out count.ly.

Peep QRHacker if you want to make non-boring QR codes.

Stripe looks like a good payments solution for developers. Basically an easier way to accept credit card payments.

The Daily Practice – Make yourself better everyday.


Because knowledge is easier to digest in infographic form. Fuck reading!

Mobile Stuffs

Check this shit out… a kickstartr for mobile apps. Haven’t looked too close at it yet, but looks like a great place to steal ideas if you’re developing apps. I kid, i kid! (It’s all about execution, not your stupid ideas)

Some new data emerges on how many downloads it really takes to get into the Top Free / Top Paid categories of the Apple Store.

The four type of mobile apps.

App marketing tips from some experts. Also a very good read on the HTML5 vs Native code mobile app debate. The winner? There’s no right or wrong answer yet, and probably won’t be for years. Trigger.io also has a whitepaper trying to make sense of it all.

Your App name has a huge impact on rankings. I can confirm this even more true on Android, which is highly search-driven.

Make sure you have a sweet ass app icon (its important to app store optimization) too – Here is some app icon inspiration. Then read the beginner’s guide to mobile app marketing, which I can’t remember if I posted before. Either way, it’s got good solid tips.

Leadsmob looks at the importance of mobile friendly eCommerce websites. Mobile e-comm just keeps growing and growing and growing

ConversionXL tells you what you need to know about mobile internet users and their shopping behavior. Lot of good information.

Getting search ads to work for mobile ads. Pro-tip … there is very little competition and traffic can be significantly cheaper and more targeted over display / cost-per-install campaigns. The circle of liiiiiffffeee.

Before you launch that app though, read up and avoid these 7 reasons your app will suck on the App store.

Beyond Affiliate Marketing – Startups, Tech News, and Productivity

First and foremost: STOP GOING TO COLLEGE. Start a business. Start a lean start-up. Start a fat start-up. Whatever you do, don’t rack up 5 to 6 figures of debt to get a degree which won’t help you get a job. Only go to college if you want to be a specialist of some sort, like a doctor, lawyer, or engineering. Anything else can be learned from the giant cesspool of information known as the internet. Fuck what your parents tell you.But you won’t be able to succeed in life without a degree” This is a lie. That dream is dead. Don’t become another debt-ridden statistic like a lot of people I know. Learn to solve problems instead. Seriously, you can start a six-figure business with less than $100.

With that out of the way…

Kissmetrics takes a look at what start-ups can learn from Instagram. Lot of good stuff, especially point number 1 which ties back to the advice laid out in Getting Real. No really… what is the one thing your product going to be really good at?

While we are on the subject of more… or less… check how this ebook from LessEverything.

Kissmetrics also takes a look at how Dropbox became such a huge company and how you can too!

If you log in to Facebook at all, you have probably seen some videos from SocialCam popup in your news feed. Here’s how SocialCam exploded to 75 Million Users in 15 Months.

Slides on how WooThemes went from $0 to 7 Figures in 13 months. Unfortunately not too much detail, but you get the gist.

Failure is hard. Self delusion is worse.

The Psychological Difference Between Freemium & Free Trial Plans. There’s a difference between letting someone try something for free, and providing a limited ‘free version.’ Find out what it is!

Shark Tanks Accidental Entrepenuer – Robert Herjavec.

Interesting read from DMConfidential on Affiliate Brain Drain, and even More on Brain Drain. Get that VC bubble money yo!

Lessons from the World’s Most Ruthless Competitor. Basically a company who knocks off popular or emerging websites. Sneaky fucking Russians.

Unicornfree reads a book by Henry Ford. Then another post about Ford’s foresight. Didn’t even know he had a book. Will check out.

Go follow the betashop.com blog if you’re interested in seeing how fab.com came from startup to something that may change the world. Even their mobile e-commerce revenue is setting some records.

On the opposite end of the success spectrum – 10 Millionaires and Billionaires who lost it all. Addicted2Success is a great blog so subscribe if you enjoyed that article.

How to Plan Your Week like Tony Robbins. Really in-depth read. Tony Robbins is the shit!

James Altucher always has great posts: Get rid of your bad habits. How to Avoid Burnout. You can only achieve success with persistence.

Life is short, but there are enough hours in a day. Don’t waste a single moment.

Also, how to focus in comic form. Also, 30 minutes a day.

Why optimists usually win. Remember kids, SMILE.

April Affiliate Marketing News

Oh shit it’s May. That means there’s probably some interesting news that happened since the last wrap-up post. I started this post a few days ago… finishing it up on a Monday, which is rather difficult because blogs keep updating with new posts.

In “This Makes Me Feel Old News,” Wolfenstien turns 20. Some of you were barely a glint in your father’s nutsack when that game came out.

Online and Affiliate Marketing News

Some of the biggest non-news last month and this month, has been the recent updates to the Google algorithm. SEO is dead and Google killed some pandas or something. I don’t know, I don’t follow this shit. Although I used to care back in the day, the idea of building your whole ‘business model’ around trying to outsmart Google with spam and crap is no longer appealing, and it’s no longer a viable business model. Shoemoney has a laugh at these fools in this post. You can also get more LOLz by visiting the WickedFire forum SEO section, where countless retards are complaining that their entire livelihood vanished into thin air.

The bottom line is that you’re going to have to get off your ass and build an actual, long-term business. This is nothing new. Even if it’s SEO, the days of spamming your way to the top are gone (unless they’re not gone, in which case you’re probably smart enough to not spill the beans), so commit your time to something that isn’t dependent on Google. Something worth sharing so you can actually take advantage of all that social media goodness, so people drive your traffic and not a search engine.

Now read this massive shit of a post from ViperChill. It’s huge. It set a world record for the longest blog post in recorded history. There is a lot of good information there. A LOT.

Aaron Wall of SEOBook takes a look at the penguin update too. This is one guy who’s opinion on the subject you want to read. Also, on Negative SEO and outing.

And if you’re wondering, here are the “official” changes to improve Google’s Search quality the past few weeks.

When you’re done with that, Microsite Masters has a huge write up on what to do about that Penguin update. SEO is dead. Long live SEO.

To add insult to injury, Google is now putting some value into something called AuthorRank. Finch takes a look at what it means for affiliates. If you do decide to come out of hiding and author something, KissMetrics shows you how to really take advantage of Authorship markup. 150% increase in CTR you say? Better hit the portrait studio.

Fuck it. Let’s just fire Matt Cutts. The celebrity has gone to his head.

Back to the non-SEO news…

Plenty of Fish getting sued for someone using an image they weren’t supposed to in a true.com ad. Ben links to a legitimate case study that looks at the CPM vs Volume relationship on pof ads. Also some more pof advertising stats.

This concludes our PlentyofFish news for the day.

MIT nerd builds a $10 Million “Sugar Daddy” empire from BusinessInsider.com. Compete Blog investigates where people are looking for love online. In other trend news, people are trying to get that body ready for the beach.

What is affiliate marketing? This infographic from Pepperjam explains in a racist way. Andy runs a Hate Store. He sells cross burning materials and KKK masks. Not an affiliate program I want to be a part of!

Yahoo explains how to market effectively to African American consumers with a link to a new AdAge report.

Decent post from DirectResponse on monopolizing a vertical. Apparently, you’re going to need a lot of indians.

Finch drops on knowledge – Read this and improve your conversion rates. Some solid (but known) tips on improving conversions for brands.

Negbox writes a post about a video talking about bounded rationalitywhatever that is. KissMetrics analyzes some “power words” ( imagine, you, because … not so powerful out of context.) Uber Affiliate comes out of hibernation and writes Researching Affiliate Niches in 2012.

What’s the state of online marketing in 2012? This infographic bears all!

Yo Dawg I heard you like infographics so here’s the Top 6 Infographics of the Week from econsultancy. And other about mobile email stats.

Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland on human behavior and innovation.

ConversionXL takes a look at what to call your call-to-action button. Also, ridiculously effective techniques for offline lead generation. And if you’re on twitter – here are 30 conversion rate experts you can follow.

Prelaunch tricks to boost your ad revenue. A slide deck on How to convert free users in to paid users.

Ask yourself, Do questions work in headlines? What about 1 word copywriting?

How to track Youtube plays as conversions from hasOffers. Google wants people to use Adwords to push video: How every business can play big on Youtube.

Another interesting read from hasOffers – How to make an affiliate marketing calendar.

Some Facebook-ness

FBAdsLab looks at common landing page mistakes with Facebook. Also a short post on a winning CTR ad in Facebook. Mashable has a good writeup on how to drive engagement within Facebook ads.

Facebook merges the “publish_stream” with “publish_action”. Relevant if you’re messing around with the Open Graph.

Check out how Weather.com is integrating Open Graph. Notice the “Love” and “Ugh!” buttons on the left? Just another unique implementation of the Open Graph to get those gears turning.

Why moms are a hot market on a Facebook. MILC = Mom I’d Like to Convert.

IMGrind has this good writeup on How to Dominate Facebook Ads. Also, have you noticed “Trending Articles” showing up in your Facebook feed? InsideFacebook explains those Trending Articles. It looks like Facebook is doing everything it can to load the news feed with commercial intent, rather than a stream of musings from your friends.

And now back to online marketing…

Getting 80,000 some clicks to a blog post with a bunch of twitter tools.

Interesting tidbits from Certified Knowledge about Google’s new Near Match settings. Blackhat PPC also has an opinion on the “near match” change.

Really good write-up on the free analytics tools out there, by KissMetrics. Market research 101. Know them and use them daily.

A thorough guide on how to do trademarked bidding in Adwords. From PPCHero – How does Adwords assign a Quality Score even before a campaign is live?

An hour of your time well spent: Best Practices from 30,000 A/B and multivariate split tests.

Good data from Royal Pingdom: No US City is in the top 50 worldwide when it comes to internet. No shit, when you have monopolies like Comcast. I fucking hate you Comcast. Rot in a fire. [ this rant removed for another blog post ]

Speaking of monopolies, mobile carriers are killing it by overselling data plans.

Also, how does that $1 Billion buyout of Pinterest stack up to other asinine buyouts? It looks like Mark Cuban is still the king. Props for getting filthy rich before that tech bubble burst.

JP Morgan buys a 7% stake in the toolbar company Conduit. Got eight figures chillin in JP Morgan Chase…

And finally, Ad:Tech gets some harsh words from Hitler. “I thought RTB was the future!!!” “Mein Fuher….”

Mobile Web and Apps

Mobile affiliate tracking sucks for many merchants. High-end devices like Android and iThings are cookie-capable, but if the merchant’s website sucks on a device it will kill conversions.

Some mobile facts and stats from 2011 in infographic form. A collection of links about the future of mobile from BD Conference.

IMGrind takes a look at the sad state of Mobile App development. Those are some seriously depressing stats. In my experience, if you’re going to spend time building an app, you better make it good. Make it unique. Make it useful. It’s a huge time investment, so if you’re going to do it, go balls-to-the-wall and build something that actually provides value. Especially true since you’re competing against established companies.

Good notes regarding WiFi usage. iPad users stay connected. More fun data: Emerging mobile markets worldwide. Also, an infographic called How Mobile Customers are different.

An infographic on the mobile apps economy. An infographic of Android developers.

Can you build the next Instagram? 4 Hour Work Week thinks its possible. Although, its not all fun and games. The popularity of Draw Something has been dropping since Zynga bought out OMGPOP.

So if you wanted to do that … If you need a mobile developer here is a giant list of mobile developers from all countries. If you have an app, here is a good readup on how to promote Android and iOS apps. Some overlap here, but even more mobile app promotion networks and agencies. This article explains how to do ASO, the new SEO?, aka App Store Optimization. All very handy tips.

Sure why not… one more article with tips on iOS store optimization.

Google just made it a whole lot easier to advertise mobile apps. Good news!

Removing stumbling blocks in mobile forms. Some Smashing stuff on gamification and user experience. Also, Gamification, Rewards and Dopamine marketing.

Randomness on Productivity, Design, Startups, and the Nerdy

Great read: Going from $0 to $500,000 in recurring revenue in a year with no VC money. And if you’re running a start-up, or starting a start up, you should check out this tumblr page for start-ups.

On a serious note, 10 Rules for Web Startups.

(1) Simple trick to increasing productivity. And by productivity, they mean avoiding wasting time on shit that doesn’t make $$.

Asian Efficiency has a surprisingly long writeup on pornography, masturbation, and productivity. Read it, it’s interesting. The whole series on Sex and Productivity is interesting. Goodbye, myfreecams :(

Also, a good article on Don’t Break the Chain (You know, that Jerry Sienfeld productivity tip.) This is one productivity tip I really want to implement.

Tongue-in-cheek article on How to Murder Your Productivity. Stop doing these things. NOW!

Also, Getting Things Done for hackers e-book. And How to Meditate daily. Another ritual I plan on getting into.

FreelanceSwitch does a bit on Dealing with procrastination. That morning alertness one is key. Be productive. You can also check out My Head in the Morning, a look at how that gray matter in your head functions after you wake up.

That socialist pig Obama is trying to redistribute the wealth to people who could potentially make good use of it. Why we don’t need anti-trust laws and how they actually cause monopolies.

James Altucher writes “How I Lost 100 Pounds

Your idea is stupid. Execution is all that matters.

Removing complexity when coding is the key to being a good programmer. When you think something through before writing, instead of just typing away -> run code to see if it works, you tend to write better code. This isn’t something that you can pick up overnight, and its definitely something i have to work on all the time, but its hugely helpful to even be aware of the problem.

If you do anything related to websites, these cheat sheets could come in handy. Digging into WordPress looks at how to use Apache Bench to measure latency. Also, another way to speed up your site is with DNS pre-fetching. Useful if your media is stored on another domain or you’re sourcing files from a CDN (like Google’s jQuery CDN.) I did not know about this.

And finally, a ton of good HTML5 / CSS3 articles.

That’s all for now. READ UP!