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Daily Rituals – How Artists Create and Avoid Creating Their Creations

I came across Daily Rituals on Malan Darras’ blog. There used to be a little widget on the right hand side that recommended this book, so I got it. Or maybe he recommended it on twitter? I don’t remember and it doesn’t matter.

The title appealed to me quite a bit because rituals are something I’ve become quite a fan of lately. No, not those good ol’ satanic rituals. By rituals I mean daily habits, routines, and systems that free up the brain for more creative thought and impactful work.

Routine, in the right hands, can be finely calibrated mechanism for taking advantage of limited resources: time, willpower, self-discipline, and optimism

Is this book an A-Z to guide on how to become rich and famous? No.

What you will get is insight into how some of the most famous creators of our time, and from centuries ago, are able to do what they do.
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