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Plenty of Finch – Premium Posts Volume X Review

The infamous Finch sent me over a copy of his latest release, Premium Posts Volume X. What follows is the review. I’m not even going to drop in affiliate links. That’s how I roll…

At first I thought it was the 10th Edition, although there is no 8th or 9th release that I am aware of. But I was mistaken. The X is for X-rated content. Oooo, saucy! Finch should have titled this Premium Post Volume XXX for a more accurate title.

Here’s a brief rundown on the content of the book –
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Finch Premium Posts Volume 5 Review

El Cinco De Fincho Premiumo.

So you see this Finch character posting Premium Reading products, and you’re wondering “Should I buy that?” The short answer is Yes. Warning! Affiliate links located inside this post.

In a sea of shitty affiliate marketing products, 98% provide absolutely zero value. The other 1.9% actually provide value, and there’s about .1% left over for really high quality material.

The problem is sorting out the shit from the gold. Luckily for you, barman, semi-world famous blogger extraordinaire, usually gets free review copies plz of many affiliate marketing products. I give honest reviews, so if it’s something is shit, I will say its shit, even if I got it free. If something is good, I will praise its goodness. I don’t gas up shit just because I get it free or at a discount. Finch’s Premium Posts are one of the few such product that I like a lot and consider worth your monies.

Volume 5 Maximum ROI Marketing

The main reason why I like Finch’s Premium posts is that they’re written by an affiliate, for affiliates. If you’re just starting out, you will get a ton of value from Finch’s Premium Posts. If you’re a seasoned marketer, you will still pick up some great tips and tricks.

Volume 5 is 100+ pages of quality reading material. Sure, it’s double-spaced and the font is kind of big, but that never stopped you when you were in high school writing English papers trying to reach that 6 page minimum.

I think this Volume 5 is especially good for new or struggling affiliates. There are a lot of low-cost marketing ideas in this volume that you can put to use right away.

With Finch’s writing style, you’ll laugh (If I were running a ‘Work at Home Mom’ blog [Note: I’m not. My tits are too hairy.]), you’ll cry ( “Why didn’t I think of that!”) and most importantly, you’ll make money. So let’s have a looksie at the highlights from Volume 5.

Testing Profitability on a Budget – How can you tell the bad offers from the good before you even test them? Finch drops some quality tips on how to spot trouble before you’re scrubbed and shaved to the bone. Why is this offer paying so high? Why is this offer paying so low but converting so well? And how to spot a brokered brokered and more brokered offer, and what it means for conversions.

Brainstorming and Testing Angles and Landing Pages – Honestly I don’t know how Finch comes up with some of the angle and copy ideas he writes about. Truly, this is a gentlemen that either mastered knowing what people want, or has some William Shakespeare in his bloodline. Either or, you will have some ‘ah ha!’ moments throughout Volume 5.

One of the strongest parts of this Volume is how Finch lays out his landing page plan. Landing pages are excellent for shoe-string budgets because you’re not playing a ‘spend money then optimize’ game.

“You can’t rely on a one-size-fits-all concept.”

Your landing pages should be optimized for your ‘angle’ from the start. The goal here is to not “lose the scent” (I forget which book it was where I picked up that analogy.) If you have a creative ad that gets really specific, you’re going to kill conversions if your landing page is not directly related to that creative, or if you’re direct linking. Like a bloodhound (in this case, an obese single mom), the customer clicked your ad for a reason. If you don’t elaborate on that initial click in your landing page, you’re going to lose. If you don’t pre-sell the offer on your landing page correctly, you’re going to lose again because the person will either not click thru to the offer at all, or not be sold completely and leave when they get to the offer page.

“But, this is more work!” you whine. Well, no shit! The affiliate space just keeps getting more and more competitive, so if you do what everyone else is doing, then no fucking shit you keep losing money.

“Set and Forget” Campaigns on Plenty of Fish – I’m not going to go into details on this part, but it’s pretty amazing insight on using various demographic data to generate long-lasting highly-targeted campaigns.

And More – The rest of Volume 5 covers some really good stuff, including advertising on Facebook successfully (and unsuccessfully), How to promote gaming offers, how to get into international markets the right way (and the wrong way), and a slew of more “pockets of gold” on the internets. Also I enjoy the section on monetizing trends because there are a few trend sites I have never even heard of before.

Overall, I can’t recommend the work Finch is doing enough. His writing style is awesome and the information he provides is invaluable. If only… there were some sort of legitimate rating system for affiliate marketing products, then Finch Sells Premium Posts would deserve nothing less than 5 fish heads.

Finch Sells and Smacks Around Facebook – Premium Posts Volume 2

Rejoice! The ever so popular Premium Posts from Finch comes back with Volume 2.

There are very few things in the affiliate marketing space worth spending money on. 99% of ebooks and courses are generally rehashed shit. But Finch is doing it right by providing excellent, fresh content for a fair price. Fresh, meaning he writes it off the top of his head, not rewriting some Warrior Forum’s already shit course ( like some people like to do ).

Premium Posts Volume 2 is all about…
Facebook – A number of chapters about cracking that Facebook nut. How to Bid. How to make successful dating campaigns. How to say “wanna fuck?” in other languages. And the future of making money on Facebook in general.
Mobile – Just kidding. There’s only a single page about it and it links back to my Mobile Marketing Resource.
Future of Affiliate Marketing – Is it dead? Did Copeac kill it? Buy it and find out!
And More! – There’s always an ‘and more!’ What kind of marketer are you?! Anyway – 70+ pages of in-depth quality content makes up Volume 2. Get on it you cheap fuck!

Keep up the quality work Finch, you sexy seductive Brit.

Plenty of Finch – Premium Posts

Finch. One word that should send shivers down your nether regions. If you don’t know Finch, he is an affiliate marketer that writes one of the best blogs in the online marketing space. I don’t know if this is a natural ability granted to all British people, but Finch’s writing is though-out and top-notch. Words of wisdom from start to finish.

Now Finch is on a quest to shamelessly whore out his excellent literature for pennies on the dollar. Introducing, Premium Posts from Finch Sells.

Finch sent me his Premium Posts eBook just because he loves me. I’m not getting a cent. I’m posting this because I like his squeezable cheeks.

Anyway, the book is full of great information. Take Finch’s best posts, multiply it by 10x, then put it in a PDF. That’s my review. Suck on it. By this shit if you mess with PlentyofFish advertising or dating.

Waaahhh I have to spend money?
You can cry and bitch all you want about paying for content, but this is the way the world’s going. At least, it is in internet marketing.

Giving away good information for free ruins the effectiveness and usually pisses people off. When you put a price tag on something, the perceived value is actually value, because you spent real $ on it. That’s why I like this clever move by FinchSells.com.

It’s also why you’re seeing a rise in paid communities like IMGrind.com, PPVPlaybook.com, and StackThatMoney.com Forums.

Free, open communities are just not sustainable anymore. There are just too many handout-seeking, basement-dwelling, Digital-Point-failing beggars in the world today. If you believe in your product, and it’s better than anyone elses, put a price tag on that shit to keep the retards out.