Ad:Tech SF 2010 Rap Up Wrap Up

Update: some pics

Another month, another show. I don’t know how some of you people go to ALL of the shows – I can barely make the one mandatory show – Affiliate Summit Vegas.

These shows are a drain on the soul. Countless pitches from corporate schleps and the same shit over and over again. This is why I did my best to avoid the Ad:Tech floor completely (which I did) and walk the streets like a hobo.

I will do my best to recall what actually happened because it was San Fran and it was around 4.20 …. soooo ….. smoke weed everyday?


Landed and saw the longest line ever for cabs. Literally all of the Ad:Tech attendees must’ve landed at once. Said fuck that shit and took BART. BAM! $8 and 25 minutes later I’m at the hotel. Secretly, I took public transportation in the hopes that I’d run into Epic Beard Man, but unfortunately I did not.

Later on that night I hooked up with Circa Direct and played beer bong with a bunch of people from Jar Media. Me, Circa, and sgryan tore up the beer pong table for at least 2 games before going on a 3 game losing streak. If you know anything about beer pong, you’re getting wasted whether you win or lose, especially if its 10 cups.

Tuesday 4.20

Inside Social Apps

I didn’t go to Adtech because I really wanted to see this Inside Social Apps show. It was a day full of sessions from the people in the business of getting people to waste a few hours a day on playing games. If you’re asking why the fuck you should care, it’s because multi-million dollar companies have popped up in the space in the span of 2-3 years. The amount of dedication and effort it takes to compete in this space is far above what most affiliates are willing to put in and it is a whole different ball game.

I really expected more meaty material on the subject, but after about half a day I realized that the speakers were the top players in this game and weren’t going to say shit. If you went in as a small or indi game developer, then it’s possible you could have been disappointed. That’s not to say one couldn’t learn a whole lot, it’s just that there is so much to know and the top players aren’t giving you the keys to the social city.

But basically you’re asking the top players to tell a room full of competitors how they can become a top player. Real deal inside tips were not dropped. It was all theory and very little technical stuff. Quite the dick tease if you ask me.

For example, Mark Pincus, zynga playboy, was the Keynote and did a little song and dance about where social games should head blah blah blah. He made a funny remark like “one thing you guys should be copying….” in reference to donations.

Hey… Pincus … your entire success was built off copying other peoples games and ideas. Nice poke in the ribs to all your competitors!

Anyway – if you’re in the affiliate space and want to move to the social games space, don’t expect much change in the way of copycats and shit like that. Numerous times throughout this show it became apparent that the developers copy the shit out of each other haha.

It was a great event nonetheless, and if you’re interested in this space, start reading up on this network of websites. There is far too much to recap and no way I’m doing it here.

EWA Network / Circa Direct Party

Now for the main event!

Dear Melody Yang, I’m rippin your images for this post. Please email your C&D.

Before the party even started, we have to pick Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy from the airport. Dullspace was kind enough to get a limo for the pickup, and YTCracker joined along for the ride. So me, YT, and dullspace pick up Dirt and Andre, and much to my surprise Dullspace gives them a sweet gift – engraved cigarette cases with pre-rolled joints. They absolutely loved that shit.

Mind you, while all of this is going on, Dullspace hooked us up with some of the craziest space vitamins I have ever done smoked. Seriously, I was in space throughout much of the day and night.

Thanks to EWA Network

If you don’t know, now you know.

Ryan Eagle at EWA Network is the sole reason this party was able to happen in the first place. He wanted to step it up a notch from last year’s GET MONEY + GET PAID debacle, and he did so with the flyness.

So if you came to the party and had fun then give props to EWA Network.

Thanks to Circa Direct

For some reason I still can’t explain, Circa Direct helped out with the sponsorship. If you got your free booze on, then holler at this player.

Thanks to Irina @ Geek

Irina from Geek is a friend of YTCracker and held down the front door (if you were wondering who that chick was). She helped a lot, which was great on such short notice.

Irina shot a lot of footage and did a bunch of interviews with people about making monies online. She also got the exclusive interviews with Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy. When this episode is done, will be the first to know about it. It should be truly epic.

Thanks to YTCracker

If you need to get your party hoppin’, ytcracker is the man for hire. YT got the people dancing with sick dubstep beats and kept it going all night.

Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy, and Too Short

Who live like this? Too Short was in the building! Too Short could’ve been doing anything with his life – like working in the studio or fucking a dime piece, but no – he came to the EWA Network party. Too bad he didn’t get on stage but if you made your way backstage you definitely could’ve talked to him.

Dirt and Andre put on a sick show. The played the hits like “Bender” “Droppin’ Names” “Baby Dick” and of course “1980” The whole set was fucking glorious. Holler at Mattf for more pics and video.

We’ll have a ton more pics once I hunt down Dirt’s photographer and a funny ass video once is done chopping up the footage.

Things I Fucked Up

If i could do it all over again …

I was so fucking concerned with the maximum amount of people we could let in. I grossly over-estimated the demand and if we promoted it different, we easily could’ve gotten 100-200 more people inside. There were some concerns that the venue was too big for the amount of people – the fact is we could’ve made a huge, public deal about the party and had that bitch full to the brim.

If you made it, you definitely got yourself a sweet, intimate show with the grimiest rappers alive.

It’s a delicate balance between inviting every affiliate in the world and inviting no one at all. Not to mention the balance of gender ratio (which was pretty damn good if I do say so myself.)

I also wish Rob Hustle could’ve got on stage, but unfortunately, no one in Dirt or Too Short’s crew was man enough to battle him. Rob Hustle is a freestyling legend, and unfortunately Mic Davice couldn’t make it, so Hustle had no one to work off of.

YTCracker didn’t rap either, which made me a lot of people sad. He was too busy DJ’ing and was way fucked up on Dullspace’s space vitamins, so its understandable.

More to Come

Dirt had an official photographer at the party, and we can’t wait to see the pics he took. Since he had backstage access they should be pretty fucking key.

And Irina’s episode will be the icing on the cake, and it should be done in the next few days.

Also, mucho thanks to the Mezzanine for hosting the event.

Get money ho.

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  • Ryan Eagle’s hand is on that guys butt

  • yea we grindin nigga. That bitch was poppin cuzz. Next year at ad-tech imma throw a Shane Dollas party. We gonna do the booty clap.

  • Good times.

    Shout out to StarRider and Appletree haha.

  • ron

    Thats how she go Bigler and Stapler boy! Till next year we battle out!

    Hard as Fuck

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  • lol @ comment about ryan. don’t think he had much of a choice… the place was a sausagefest LOL

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    Thanks for the party invite. Please don’t call people who take pics “creepy fuck” next time in the invitation, you never know if you will need rip her photos next time =)


    • lol yes it definitely came out the wrong way. thanks for snappin pics!

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