Affiliate Summit 2014 – You Should Go to the Vegas ASW in 2015

For…reasons, I didn’t want to post this at the time of writing. Days turn into weeks then weeks turn into months…and here we are. If you learn anything from this post, Affiliate Summit West is a great event for affiliate marketers!

Another year, another drunken trip to Vegas.

If you’re an affiliate and have never been to a conference or trade show – stop what you’re doing and get yourself ready for Affiliate Summit West 2015. Affiliate Summit East is coming up in August in New York and it’s also a good show. But if you only had to pick one to go to, it’s definitely the ASW in Vegas.

These Affiliate Summit shows are broken out into two parts: The actual conference, and everything else.

The actual conference on the trade show floor is you know, for serious business. You can walk around to check out the booths, meet new people and new companies, shake some hands, and catch a weird stomach bug from someone who just flew in from from Kuala Lumpur. You might even catch a glimpse of the infamous John Chow flat top.

Really, things do get serious at the actual Affiliate Summit conference. Look, they give out awards! Can you believe that? Shawn Collins is wearing a suit to give out awards for affiliate marketing. Amazing.

Speaking of, whatever happened to the Best Blogger award that they used to give out? The fix is in!

The “everything else” is all the stuff that happens outside the show. It’s where you meet new people on a casual level and catch up with those internet friends that you only see once or twice a year. It’s the parties and the clubs, the hootin’ and the hollerin’ so on and so forth.

So if Affiliate Summit is new for you, make sure to get yourself out there and mingle. Go to the parties and get your favorite affiliate blogger drunk so he spills the beans on his campaigns.

And don’t wear your badge outside the trade show floor… it makes you look like a fool, especially when its after hours. I’m talking to you, everybody over 35.

Affiliate Summit West 2014 Highlights

So you’re looking for an in-depth summary of ASW14 with a lot of pictures and words and stuff? Well, you won’t find it here. I’m just going to go through some quick highlights since I need to write something for Shawn Collins to be getting these sweet, delicious Press Passes.

That dude Charles Ngo has a much more delightful review of ASW14. Check out David’s “Pics or it Didn’t Happen” post too… see if you can spot the barman.

Affplaybook Meetup – I feel bad because I’m always invited to David’s “Mastermind Groups” but never show up. This has gone on for at least 5 consecutive shows. But I did manage to make it to the Meetup which was great. Phenomenal cookies. Check out the highlights here: “Pics or it Didn’t Happen

The Ngo / ClickDealer Party – Sadly, I missed this since I was doing something else but I regret that decision every day of my life. Hopefully Dr. Ngo keeps throwing parties because there sure is a lack of well done industry parties at these shows.

MVP Party by Convert2Media – Not to be outdone, the MVP party by Convert2Media was quite a festival. Lot of people were there and they had some hilarious props like this and this. Bravo, whoever came up with that idea. Not to mention, there were numerous scantily-clad honnies (wow that word just feels dirty to write…) to break-up the sausage-fest that is a typical industry gathering at Affiliate Summit.

Hakasaan – There’s usually always one club that all the people end up going to per night…it’s the only time each year where all of the affiliates and networks can coordinate something together. Everyone just wants to out-table each other.

Anyway, this happened on Saturday night. Take the best club in your shitty little city you can think of, times it by 10, and then you’ll only begin to understand what a shit show of debauchery this place is. I’m curious how much a place like this pulls in a night, but it has to be in the several million.

Bonus: I will send you one Bitcoin if you can guess the identity of the infamous legend in this pic.

More stuff happened but since it’s been over 2 weeks since the show, most of it is all but a faded memory. Next time!

  • We dropped the best blogger award 2 years ago – – because it would be lame if you won it every year.

  • MatthewWoodward

    I will see you there :)

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    What happeend to your monthly search stats brah? They were hilarious

  • nice to see a post here man, thought you were dead. Let’s high five at the conference.

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