Affiliate Summit West 2013 Wrap-Up

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t really write those internet marketing news wrap-up posts anymore. Ain’t nobody got time for that! And at this point, I am like four months behind so there is no way in hell I’m catching up unless I start charging for it or something.

But what I do have time for is going to Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas and writing a wrap-up post about that. Since Shawn Collins gives me a free Press Pass for this stupid blog, I feel obliged to actually write about the show to do my part promoting it.

I didn’t get to go to Las Vegas last year for Affiliate Summit, so it’s been about 2 years since going to a show. It’s great to see people you haven’t seen in two or three years, and it’s great meeting new people along the way.

The bottom line is that if you’re an affiliate or work in the affiliate space, you’re doing yourself a great disservice by not going to at least one Affiliate Summit, specifically the one in Vegas. You don’t even have to be cool or have friends (you will make them if you are not a social rehtard) to get value out of Affiliate Summit. John Chow goes every year and look at him!

Finally, There was a Good Panel

Yes, after going to about 6 Affiliate Summits on both coasts, I finally went to a panel. I know, I had to look it up too – but besides partying, people actually try to teach stuff at Affiliate Summit via a session or panel.

Basically, this one was about people who got started in affiliate marketing, namely on Wickedfire, that evolved themselves into real, legitimate businesses.

It was hosted by the ever-so-curious phillian (what?! there are chicks in affiliate marketing?!) and the panel was made up some special somebodies – Cyrus of, Mike of, Jason of A4D, and Brandon of Direct Digital.

Whenever a video of this panel comes online, definitely make sure to check it out. Great advice from really smart people. The recurring theme was to outsource or hire, early and often. And putting pants on. Definitely going to need pants.

A Reflection

After missing Affiliate Summit for the past year (guess everyone thought I died), it was really strange to have a number of people come up to me and tell me how “put them on the game” or “made them what they are today.” This is a weird thing to have people tell you, especially since I do not provide any actual real information. It’s even weirder when some of these people are incredibly successful today. I am very grateful and honored that I have provided at least a few folks with some lulz, credibility, or guidance. Word is bond, son.

That said, I want some fuckin’ royalty checks!

Shout Outs and Name Drops Galore

I’m not going to be one of those fools that just loads a post up with pictures of what I ate and shit I saw. This isn’t instagram.

What I am going to do is give a shout out to all of the old and new people I met at the show. I do not necessarily endorse (unless I specifically state it) any of these people or companies. In fact, some of them might hate each other and not even like being mentioned in the same paragraph – deal wit it tho. Also, don’t feel bad if I don’t mention you. A lot of shit happened and I was quite drunk. I still love you.

Firstly, the HBWA Badger Ball was surprisingly good. I showed up a little late, but there was a ton of good people there. I didn’t even know HBWA was a real thing, but I guess it is. Jason of ShareaSale was all decked out. Some drunken Aussies and New Zealand’ers that run F5 media and StackThatMoney showed up, took all the girls, then left. Even Nickycakes was there and surprisingly, nobody stabbed him. It’s all love in the industry.

Ryan Eagle allegedly made an appearance to throw his business cards onto the crowd, giving paper cuts to dozens of victims. And let’s not forget to mention the girls dressed in body paint. That was cool, but it was even cooler to find out they were paid like $70 for the night. Next time, I’m getting me a posse of scantily clad broads to follow me around, knowing how cheap they are.

There were some other parties, but didn’t get a chance to attend or stay long at these. The Affiliate Ball with Big Boi was probably a good time, but I had to part before he came on stage.

Now for some shouts to good people running good companies:
Need that international traffic, and lots of it? Ask for Mike or Jeff at 50onRed.

Ruck and Ryan of IMGrind fame are always on the hustle. If you’re not a member of that forum, you are missing out one some great strategies and a great community.

It was good to see HeavyT (now known as SkinnyT) back in action, so get at him for whatever the fuck he does. Need some links? holler at Nick and Rob at The LinkBuilders.

Ryan Buke was around with his Notebook of World Domination. He has some very anticipated stuff coming out that may turn the affiliate world upside down – stay tuned at Bevo Media. Another person on the world domination path is Mr. Don Vito Glazers. Now we’ve had our disagreements on the web, but Vito turned out to be one of the coolest, down-to-earth people I’ve met at the show. Get at him if you’re a Hollywood superstar. Thanks for keepin’ it toasty friend ^_^

When it comes to affiliate networks, talk to these people:
Steve Howe and his crew are still going strong at C2M.

Eli has grown AboveAllOffers into a very respectable affiliate network in a short amount of time. Super nice guy and team. But that’s not surprising since there aren’t really any mean people from Oregon.

If you’re into mobile offers, holler at the Angry Russian Alex over at MobAff. But come correct – it’s a private network.

And let’s not forget the most solid network of all (no offense to the others mentioned) – W4. You’ll never hear stories of late or missed payments from them. They gots the shit on lock. Ask for Oren. Then ask to rub his head. $$$.

Shout outs to the people I missed
Eleah of Adsimilis – get at her for international offers. The real yt cracker. It is unfortunate I missed your face. And I’m pretty sure I missed the Funk Doctor, Charles Ngo. Like, I’m pretty sure I missed him but I cannot honestly remember (this has nothing to do with Asians looking alike – I can pick Charles out of a police line up, don’t you worry)

OK, enough ass-kissing. I still need some recovery sleep.

Well, maybe…I’ll post just one picture:

  • Phoebe

    You are a good writer. Love reading your blog. I always leave laughing. I hope you have a prosperous 2013 !

  • It was really a pleasure to do that panel. The collective business / marketing intelligence and experience of those guys was just tremendous.

    Thanks for coming out and the kind words.

    Now let’s start an affiliate marketing meetup thing here in Philly, right?

  • LOL’ing at the 1 pic you decided to post. Thanks for the shout out. Let’s follow up on what we talked about Mayne

  • That’s a much kinder pic of Throlson than the one that hit my phone on Sunday…

  • Thanks for the shout out affiliate ball was off the hook! prob one of the most epic pics to post! Nice meeting you man looking forward to the next ASW.

  • Dino Vedo ran dat shit!

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    • What do you mean?

  • Thanks for the shout out Barman, and thanks for introducing me to that herb with the cardboard cutout asking for mobile traffic… not!

    Ad Tech?

    • Hahah I didn’t introduce you. I was walking behind him for like 5 seconds, then you showed up. Pure, stupid, coincidence.

      • Take it where you can get it.

  • Props for the props!

  • My favorite part was when Mario Girard was kicked out of HBWA.

  • Drunken Aussie

    Good to finally meet ya Barman, Looking forward to another Tequila shot in Kiladelphia

    • When are Aussies not drunk?

  • Thanks for the shoutout brotha, was good to chill with you once again. :)

  • Hey, ya didnt mention me???

    Thats right..I couldnt make it! UGH!!

    Good Reading… Nice recap

  • Fantastic recap! Appreciate the shout-out and posting the famous “Champagne Toast to the Peasants” pic I took. That’s one for the history books.

  • Papajohn56

    Who the fuck is Dino Vedo and where’s my shout out I’M SO MAD

    • groomez

      probably because we didn’t get Barman to play on our basketball team. HE’S SO TALL

      • Fuckkkkkkkkk, we would have won that whole thing with Barman clogging up the paint looking surly. Next year? Shout out to Papa John’s beard, it’s nicer than his hair!

  • I think this about sums it up!

    “the endless throng of women wearing almost identical vagina-length dresses”

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  • Ridley

    Hey, thanks for taking down that post recommending adult adspy and adultmediabuys – IMO it really hurt the credibility of your blog.

  • Ken

    I love you writing style!! So entertaining! I’m taking cues from you so I can learn how to be more engaging with my readers. Great post!