Affiliate Summit West 2016 Las Vegas Wrap-up Post (Seriously)

So you may have noticed all’s quiet on the blogging front. Why?

*You Who’s this you anyway? Are people still reading this blog?

Well to be perfectly dank, I took a hiatus from the affiliate marketing game. Long story short, I got burnt out around late 2013, took a gig with a lead gen company, got shit-canned a year later for being my good ol’ honest self, had a strong non-compete for a year after, and ended up just focusing on building a programming skillset instead of any kind of marketing.

In addition, I took up shit like meditation which made me more of a chill person. The anger and angst that made this blog so great dwindled down. I’m sure there’s plenty of cannon-fodder out there too. Shame.

Anyway, late last year the entrepreneurial bug bit me again. All these people- people I’ve known for years and many fresh faces- doing their own thing, creating their own destiny and shit like that. I don’t necessarily love this industry but I definitely admire a lot of people in it and greatly respect their hustle.

So I figured, what better way to get myself back into the entrepreneurial mindset than a last minute trip to Las Vegas?

OK now that I got my imposter syndrome out of the way, let’s recap Affiliate Summit West 2016 in beautiful Las Vegas.

Let me just preface this – my trip to Vegas was so last minute that Collins wouldn’t even give me a Press Pass. So I didn’t go to the actual conference. Which actually doesn’t matter because even with a Press Pass I’d spend no more than an hour or two a day at the show. I’m sure it’s the same old snore-fest of shitty SEO companies and mommy-bloggers that it always is.


This is where people post pics of the airport, hotel room, and other dumb things. Oh my god, who give’s a shit?

Here’s what you need to know. Omnesia was a great time. Basically all of the people ruining the internet for your mother in one room. Now’s your chance, FTC, get em!

I’ll be honest – I don’t do a fucking penny in nutra. But it’s a massive portion of the affiliate marketing space and it has some of the heaviest hitting V-necks this side of Croatia.

Shout of to all of the wonderful sponsors (even though I can only vouch for them by proxy). If you’re a pill pusher you should probably work with one or all of these companies.

Most importantly, shout out to Illya BLT for putting it all together. Some interesting facts: 1) BLT is actually a real person, despite many years thinking he was someone’s troll account. 2) BLT is not actually me, despite what several subpoenas may have you believe.

CPA Adventures
DirectFocus Online
Go Social Affiliate Network
AdsXposed – Not a network but a great mobile spy tool.

Seriously – thank you hundreds of dollars of food and drink me and my girl ran through, just because I had a mildly infamous blog once. Oh, internet.

Did anyone else get terrible #VegasFlu? Weakest immune systems in the game.


This was a fairly uneventful day as far as industry stuff went. Sadly, we missed the STM Meetup because we want to go see “O” which was some out of this world shit. Half a dozen times in Vegas and this was the first show I’ve seen. Well worth it.

Late that night, crashed a RevenueWire cocktail hour. (P.S: Talk to Brianna about all of your RevenueWire needs. She’ll make you millions, if not billions).

Also ran into the infamous Harrison “G is for Gansta” Gevirtz, whom I did not immediately recognize because he’s no longer 15 and he hit puberty apparently. All grown up now ::sniff::


Adsimilis always come through with a great meetup. Great network and great people. Ran into the infamous Suitcase Marketer, the great Benjamin Louie, and a bunch of other people. Ran into Malan Darras somewhere in between.

From there we stumbled to the Convert2Media MVP party. Motherfuckin’ Coolio was in the building. What’s this industry’s fascination with washed up rappers?

Anyway, Adsimilis and Convert2Media are both great companies that have been in this industry a very long time that have weathered some tough storms. Plus, they have some really great people working for them.


Got the fuck out of there.