Schwag from Affiliate Summit East

It’s Wednesday, and unofficially Merchandise Monday! And if you don’t know what schwag is look it up (the non-marijuana definition)

This post is also like 6 weeks late.

Anyway, there was a conference in August in NYC called Affiliate Summit. If you have ever gone to one, you know you can get free shit from the booths like its going out of style. Eventually you realize most of the shit is junk.

But there are some hot items to be had. To be honest, I only got 2 shirts at the conference, and the other two in the mail (which is why this post took so long :: cough cough ::)

Dear Networks – Get more shirts printed in XXL. There are a lot of fat or tall people at these conferences. I have given away nearly every shirt I’ve gotten cause no one prints past XL. That is all. “I Will Not Run on Your Network”

You want it, but you can’t have it! Kris from ordered this one of a kind shirt for me. That’s right, only one in existence. I think I will sign it and post it Warrior Forums Buy Sell Trade… except it might sell better if it read “Please Let Me at Least Sign Up to your Network…”


Convert2Media Billy Mays RIP Limited Edition

This was the hottest item at the conference. I actually wiped down Ruck’s back sweat (if you recall how hot it was in NYC) with it as a momentum – I WILL NEVER WASH THIS SHIRT AGAIN!


CPAHustle Don’t Knock the Hustle

If you haven’t heard of CPAHustle … well, I don’t blame you. But it is an alternative affiliate marketing forum with some quality posts by people that aren’t me.


AKMG Skate Deck

AKMG is popular at these conferences for giving out skate decks.


AKMG Special Gift…

It’s everything I’ve always wanted, but was too afraid to ask! AKMG sent me a special gift along with my skate deck. Don’t you wish you had a bottle?!

Now I just need a tissue box, some tree time, and that topless pic of Amit Mehta that’s been floating around…


  • turbolapp

    I actually have 2 of those Hot Swag items. Well had. I gave the skateboard away. So now I just have the rockin teeny tiny CPA Hustle shirt (honestly, why were they that small to begin with?? ) I missed the Billy Mays shirt :(

  • The shirt turned out real good!

  • Old School

    Shut up Turbolap. Go back to spamming CL list from your 20 phone lines and 20 cheap ass Packard Bell machines.

  • Fuck AKMG

  • oren

    where is your hydra hat, those come in XXXL

  • I got somethin nice lined up for you guys going to ad-tech ny.

  • Oren are you saying I have a big head?

    OK… I do.

    I forgot to post the Hydra hat because i had like 5 of them and gave them all away haha. the people love them tho

  • newjersey

    what about those fucking nasty energy drinks from the creepy multi level marketing company in the bag when you get your pass?

    the billy mays shirt was very tiny but still awesome

    I hope at ASW they have ice luge shots in addition to kegs. and strippers.

  • Justin

    I 2nd what Old School says about Turbolap. She needs to gtfo and go back to Wicked Fire where she belongs with her pack of jr high boys and porn.

  • I like the skate.. Looks very amazing.. But hey you are lucky enough to have even 2 shirts…

  • Why the hating on turbolap?

    Is it cos she weighs 100lbs lighter than you fat sacks?

  • My bad. turbolapp.

  • turbolapp

    Nah. They just don’t women in their little boys club. Messes up their circle jerks.

  • I’m kind of pissed I didn’t get the cream.

    Skate deck is cool addition to the office wall though. Maybe if I setup a turbolapp style desk I wouldn’t be too fat to use it as an actual skateboard.

  • you going to post one of these for Ad:Tech? or did you not get shit?

  • Im going to east this year. Its going to be epic!


    Maybe AKMG would suck less if they focused on better business and professional operations as opposed to their pieces of shit shwag and ‘holier-than-thou’ attitudes. These guys are the worst.

    Shady. Pompous/arrogant. Bad Business. Kimblerlee White lacks professionalism more than I have ever seen insomeone who self-declares herself as the ‘best in industry’.